Schram Designs


About Us

Schram Designs provides 3D modeling and renderings of interior and exterior designs. We utilize both the latest technologies and libraries of customizable materials to provide you with an accurate representation of your finished project. We offer our services to Architects, Realtors, Investors, Developers, Property Management Companies, Home Owners, Product Developers, Manufacturers, etc.

Why Schram Designs?

What sets Schram Designs apart from other companies is what we bring to the table. As the owner of Schram Designs, I have over 25 years experience as a California general contractor with a gold standard rating. I am also an illustrator, professional contemporary artist, and woodworker. We know how to design your project to reflect your specific style and maximize your budget to ensure optimal results. At Schram Designs, we also communicate in a timely, effective manner to keep your project on track and we work overtime to meet your deadlines. Schram Designs offers design rendering solutions for every budget. From simple photo rendering, to completely 3D modeled scenes with animation like video flybys of landscaping and whole properties to interior walk-throughs and presentations. We can create 3D models from your blueprints or from your pictures and dimension. From products to whole properties, we have you covered.

Why Schram Designs?

  • Architects and Designers can take all their hard work and have it rendered in 3D with colors, texture, lighting, and people in them viewed from any angle or time of day.
  • Investors, Developers, Property Management Companies and Home Owners can see what their investment or improvement will look like when completed.
  • Having a professional 3d version of the project gives Contractors, Landscapers, Designers and Investors a superior advantage over competitors.
  • It provides the framework for accurate bidding from Contractors, helping avoid costly change orders, and ensures all parties have a complete understanding of the project.
  • A detailed, specific 3D model from Schram Designs will save time, money, and avoid unnecessary frustrations on future projects.

We look forward to helping you visualize your next project with a one-of-a-kind 3D Schram Design.