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3D architecture refers to the process of creating the visual design of an object on a piece of paper or a computer device.
3D modeling and 3D rendering are two key aspects of 3D architecture. Arch-viz is a commonly used slang for it.

When constructing a building, the first thing you are likely to think about is its design. The same holds true for a product. You may want its image in a ready-made format right before your eyes. But as it doesn’t exist practically, you may need to visualize a design which can be tricky. 3D architectural visualization services help simplify this task.

In recent years, there has been a surge in the demand for 3D modeling and rendering services among clients. 3D modeling gives a mathematical representation to the visual image of a building or product and 3D enables the same image to be converted into its 2D version on a computer by virtue of photorealistic styles and effects.

From floor plans to drawings, contractors use interior architectural visualization for evaluation of the key aspects of building construction. 3D modeling and 3D rendering services play a vital role in the process.

Among other things, it enables construction engineers to view the actual design of a building beforehand, simplifying the task of evaluating the design and avoiding costly change orders down the road before even beginning to work on a construction project. This saves time and money by avoiding confusion having everyone see the final product so they are all on the same page before breaking ground on a project.

With the services of Schram Designs – one of the leading architectural visualization firms in Beverly Hills, CA – you can save your time and money.


Whether you have been looking for reliable 3D rendering services for a high rise tower or a small home, your search for it ends with our 3D Visualization Services Las Vegas. We offer a complete spectrum of 3D rendering and product visualization services tailored to your needs.

We create the best floor plans for developers, property managers, and real estate agents. From commercial properties to large estates and single houses to townhouses or apartments, we specialize in providing product visualization services for all buildings.

Also, at Schram Designs, we offer the best 3D product visualization services to steer your business through to the next level. Our visualization services in this regard are aimed at influencing both your business operations and potential clients. With our exciting product visualization designs, you can turn the heads of your entire target audience.

Our expert team of designers jot down your design ideas and explore all possibilities to breathe life into them. If required, they also merge your design ideas with their experience and expertise for a desirable outcome.

Looking for the best visualization service for products or properties? We can create the best 3D models, images, blueprints, and dimensions.

Also, as a leading architectural visualization company, we take pride in delivering finished projects to our clients within a specified deadline. What’s more, we do it at reasonable packages.

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